Activities and Things To Do: #AlohaLive Twitter Chat Recap

There are a million-and-one things to do in Hawaii, how do you know which activities to do? This week’s #AlohaLive tweetup chat focused on Hawaii activities. Keep reading to see this week’s discussion!

This week’s #AlohaLive discussion:

Q1. First activity on your list when you’re in Hawaii?

Q2: Best place to snorkel on Oahu?

Q3: Best Hawaii activity for a romantic evening?

Q4: Ziplining in Hawaii: yay or nay?

Q5: Whale watching season is upon us! Top tips for going whale watching?

Q6: Number 1 activity you would recommend to a first-time Hawaii visitor?

Q7: Would you rather go horseback riding or ATV riding in Hawaii?

Q8: Do you book tons of activities on your trip, or just 1 or 2 when traveling?

Q9: In the spirit of the season: What would you like to do for Halloween in Hawaii?

Q10: Last question! What is one thing you must do every time you visit Hawaii?

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