ABC’s “Last Resort” Pilot Filming at Kualoa Ranch

Film crews have begun production of the ABC pilot series Last Resort, which includes filming at secluded location at Kualoa Ranch. Guess what: our Oahu Circle Island Tours take a lunch break nearby, so there’s a good chance you’ll see the film set and production crew in action.
What is the Last Resort? Here’s the description from

“Set in the not-so-distant future, Last Resort follows the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who become fugitives after refusing to fire their missiles. Ultimately, they make camp on an island that hosts a NATO listening station and declare themselves an independent nuclear nation.”

TV writer Shawn Ryan is part of the Last Resort team. Shawn’s work can be seen on shows like The Shield, The Unit, Terriers, The Chicago Code and Lie To Me.  ABC gives no guarantee that the show will actually air—”pilot” shows don’t always make the cut and are dropped before airing on television. Last Resort, produced by Sony Studios, has been described by ABC as  “international action thriller/soap” where the world is held hostage by a crew possessing nuclear weapons. Here’s some of the latest pictures from production, via @ShawnRyanTV on Twitter.

Don’t miss your chance

Join us on a circle island tour, our stop at Kualoa is a great opportunity to see history being made!

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