A Visit To Hawaii: #AlohaLive Twitter Recap

Our first-ever #AlohaLive tweet up was tons of fun! This week’s topic was “A Visit To Hawaii” and we asked questions about taking a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Check out the responses from Hawaii-loving tweeps.

This week’s #AlohaLive conversation

Q1. What first attracted you to visiting Hawaii?


Q2. When did you first visit Hawaii? (Or if you haven’t been yet, when are you planning to go?)


Q3. What should be on the top of a list of “Things To Do” for a visit to Hawaii?

https://twitter.com/Mullis_for_Tift/status/256854185436409856 https://twitter.com/TheMauiCouple/status/256851990024445952 https://twitter.com/traveling9to5/status/256850197630562304

Q4. What helped you the most when looking for things to do or places to see in Hawaii?

https://twitter.com/MauiSocial/status/256852491713511424 https://twitter.com/traveling9to5/status/256850825387864064

Q5. Would you try local foods like Poi while on vacation in Hawaii?

https://twitter.com/JillzBeanz/status/256853116979384320 https://twitter.com/traveling9to5/status/256852083540635648

Q6. A Hawaiian Luau… Yay or Nay?

https://twitter.com/Mullis_for_Tift/status/256854331750494208 https://twitter.com/JillzBeanz/status/256854369381806081

Q7. Is it better to stay in bustling Waikiki hotel or in the idyllic countryside?

https://twitter.com/traveling9to5/status/256854795132997632 https://twitter.com

Q8. Your most desirable activity is by land/sea/air?

https://twitter.com/EagleStrayhorn/status/256856215265611779 https://twitter.com/traveling9to5/status/256856521487560705

Q9. What historic attraction are you most drawn to visiting?


Q10. What Hawaiian souvenir are you definitely taking home with you?

https://twitter.com https://twitter.com/traveling9to5/status/256859485254078466

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