A Review on Discover Hawaii Tours by Two Experienced International Travelers

At the end of every tour, our guides ask the guests to fill out comment cards to give us feedback on their experience of the day. Discover Hawaii Tours is consistently recognized by TripAdvisor as one of Hawaii’s top tour companies. But when it comes down to it, all we really want to do is satisfy our customers and exceed their expectations. Here’s just one example of why we love our jobs and why we love hearing feedback from our guests!

What did you enjoy most about the tour?

“My wife and I, both from Sydney, Australia, are very experience international travelers, having now visited 41 countries. Tabita (Tavita) is one of the best and friendliest guides that we have ever had on any tour, anywhere.”

Additional Comments/Suggestions

“It’s an excellent tour which serves to give people like ourselves whose time in Hawaii is limited a very good overview of Honolulu, particularly focusing on the tragic events of WW2.”
Tour 8 is our Battleships of WWII at Pearl Harbor tour, featuring the USS Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri, the USS Oklahoma Memorial and a historic tour of Honolulu. These two travelers took Tour 8 with Tavita, whose been with Discover Hawaii Tours the longest of all our guides. In fact, you’ll find a video from February 2008 of Tavita playing his ukulele aboard the bus, uploaded to YouTube by one of our guests.By the way, do you have a video that you took on tour that you’ve uploaded to YouTube? We’d love to hear from you!

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