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There are many ways to experience Hawaii—shark cage diving, island hopping, curvy-road driving—and there are many ways to experience our Hawaii blog. How? Easy, check out these simple ways you can stay up to date with our latest blog posts:

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New to the Hawaii blog: YouTube now detects when our blog posts feature an embedded YouTube video. Any posts with videos will be automatically added to the Hawaii Blog YouTube feed. So, if you love YouTube, blogs with videos, and the Hawaii blog—simply subscribe to our YouTube feed here, and you’ll receive the latest blog posts that contain videos!

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Copy and paste this link into your reader subscriptions (Google Reader and Feedburner are a few good examples). Now that you’ve subscribed to our blog via RSS feed, you will automatically receive our latest posts in your reader. Here’s an example of what our blog posts would look like if you’re using Google Reader:

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If you’re on Twitter, you know that there’s an endless stream of information to be consumed. Well, you don’t have to read everyone’s tweets as they happen, but if you want to stay up-to-date with our blog and our latest tweets, follow us What do we tweet about? Outstanding Hawaii photos, our latest blog posts, fun activities for your vacation in Hawaii, and travel tips (plus much, much more).

If you really want to experience Hawaii…

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