A Hawaiian Vacation For The Five Senses

Why do people choose to take a Hawaiian vacation? To relax? To escape? To go somewhere new and try new things? Maybe it’s just the draw of Hawaii. For every traveler there’s a different reason, but these will dazzle everyone! Here’s some tips on how to stimulate all five of your senses on your Hawaiian vacation.

The sound of a Hawaiian vacation

What does Hawaii sound like? Hawaiian music? The crash of waves onto the beach? Exotic birds of the tropical rainforest? Maybe a conch shell signaling the start of the evening’s festivities? Answer: ALL of the above. If there’s three things you have to hear while on vacation in Hawaii, this is what they are: 1. Hear the blow of a conch shell. Nothing sounds more like Hawaii than a conch shell blowing. The best way to hear one is at a Hawaiian luau as they sound off the beginning of the evenings festivities.
2. Tune in to the sea with the rhythms of paradise. The rhythmic sounds of Hawaiian ukulele and slack key guitar are soothing enough to put anyone in a relaxing mood, make sure you hear them! Let the sounds of paradise carry you away on your Hawaiian vacation. Waikiki hotels are a great place to catch free Hawaiian music. Check out these posts with ideas for what to do at the Sheraton Waikiki and at Hilton Hawaiian Village. 3. Connect with nature listening to the sounds of the rainforest. An amazing thing Hawaii is not as well known for is it’s diverse and unique ecosystems. Endemic birds and insects call Hawaii’s rainforests home, and they’re not afraid to brag about where they live!
Hiking to a tropical waterfall is a great way to experience nature in Hawaii and cool off with a refreshing finale!

What a Hawaiian vacation should feel like

What is a Hawaiian vacation supposed to feel like? There’s definitely the feeling of being on vacation in Hawaii, but that’s something else. Stimulate your sense of touch with a hands-on approach to your Hawaiian vacation. 1. Shake hands with a starfish at the Waikiki Aquarium. Just a short walk down the beach from the hotels of Waikiki is the Waikiki Aquarium. Wonderful exhibits from the sea shore to the abyss excite young and old alike. Be sure to head outside and experience their touch pond which sits right on the shore of Diamond Head. Starfish, sea cucumbers, corals, and more are waiting to be discovered in the Waikiki Aquarium touchpond! 2. Feel the cool kiss of paradise at the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout. One of the most scenic points on all of Oahu is also probably the windiest! A visit to the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout will have you seeing Oahu’s beautiful Windward side and maybe even have you chasing your hat! It’s that windy!
3. Get some sand between your toes! While this may sound like its on the obvious list of things to do, having the feeling of sand between your toes is an absolute must! With a diversity of sand types around the island, the more beaches you visit the better! From thick grains on Oahu’s North Shore from coral broken down by giant winter swells to the fine-groomed soft sands of Kailua Beach, either way as long as you get some sand between your toes you’ll be winning on your Hawaiian vacation! Here’s some great ideas for photos with your feet in the sand!

How a Hawaiian vacation should taste

What flavors come to mind when thinking about a Hawaiian vacation. Sweet? Tangy? Maybe a little salty? Here’s the tastes you have to experience on your Hawaiian vacation! 1. The nuttiest treat in the Pacific… Hawaii is famous for Macadamia nuts, and Tropical Farms is a great place to get free samples. Our Circle Island tours make a stop at this working farm to sample locally-grown coffees, Macadamia nuts, fruits, and more!
Tropical Farms is also home to the coldest coconut water on the island, be sure to cool off with one that’s cracked open right before your eyes! 2. Mmmalasadas… Malasadas are Hawaii’s version of the doughnut. Moist and fluffy, sweet and crispy, they are absolutely DELICIOUS! Coming to Hawaii and not trying a malasada would be the same as not going to the beach while you’re here. They’re that good.
Our favorite malasadas are from Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu Avenue just outside Waikiki. 3. Attention sushi lovers & Ahi what-ey? Ahi poke (A-hee Poke-y) is one of the Hawaii’s favorite foods, and it’s definitely one of mine. Fresh caught yellowfin (ahi) tuna is cut into bite sized pieces and tossed in a secret sauce, chopped green onion, sweet Maui onion, and topped with sesame seeds for a deliciously fresh and healthy choice.
The only thing you have to worry about trying more than ahi poke is a malasada!

Discovering the scents of paradise

1. Follow your nose for some savory Huli Huli chicken! Huli huli chicken is Hawaiian-style rotisserie chicken that you can smell from almost a mile down the road. Slow roasted on an outdoor grill, Huli Huli chicken is a local favorite! So if you catch the most wonderful, delicious smell when you’re driving on the North Shore or Waimanalo Beach, be sure to stop and get your Huli on! 2. Puakenikeni flowers: The fragrance of the tropics… Puakenikeni flowers are quite possibly the best smelling flower in Hawaii. While many other flowers are more popular for leis and wearing in the ear, none of them compare to the sweet smell of Puakenikeni flowers.

If you’re getting a lei to take home with you, try to keep it refrigerated as much as possible to preserve it’s freshness! 3. Let the mists of Halona carry you away. Oahu’s rocky south shore has many beautiful gems. From the waves of Sandy Beach, the view from Makapu’u Lookout and the reefs of Hanauma Bay, to the incredible Halona Blowhole and majestic Halona Cove. There is no other place in Hawaii with such beautiful scenery and natural diversity. The Halona Blowhole is a tiny lava tube right on the rocky shore that when waves flow into it spits up water upwards 50 feet in the air!
Visiting the Halona Blowhole on a Hawaiian Vacation will show you one of Oahu’s most spectacular natural wonders! Photo: sumocat666 on Flickr

Oh the sights to see!

If there’s three things to see while you’re in Hawaii it’s these: 1. The world’s most active volcano - Kilauea. Hawaii is home to the world’s most active volcano, and it is a sight to see. From pluming clouds of steam and sulfur to giant ferns and lava flowing into the sea, a trip to Hawaii’s volcanoes can seem like a journey to the land before time.
Steam vents, lava tubes, ancient flows, and lush rainforest await you on a visit to Hawaii’s volcanoes.
2. One of the most beautiful drives in America – Maui’s Road to Hana. With over 60 miles of road that carves through scenic coastline, lush rainforest, volcanic valleys, and Maui’s wine country, the Road to Hana has long been considered one of the most beautiful drives in the country and you have to see it to believe it!
Hawaiian vacation: Maui's Road to Hana

Maui’s famed Road to Hana has over 600 curves and 50 one-lane bridges. Rustic and secluded, this hidden gem are what people dream of discovering while on vacation in Hawaii.

3. Oahu’s “7 mile miracle” – the North Shore. Oahu is home to some of the best surf spots in the world, and during the winter in Hawaii the beaches of the North Shore come alive. From forty foot faces at Waimea Bay to thundering barrels at Pipeline, there is nowhere else on earth to find such a diversity of amazing waves.
Did we miss something? If you have a Hawaiian vacation suggestion that will dazzle the senses, leave a comment & let us know! Thank you for reading, for more tips on how to maximize your Hawaiian vacation, our Hawaii Travel Blog is always here to help! Thank you for reading, Aloooooooooha!

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