A Few Hawaii Tour Tips (P.S. We have tons on our tours!)

We joined foursquare the other day and, after looking through our entire list of Hawaii tour tips, we’re amazed at how much there is to know about Hawaii!

More to know, if you know where to go

We’ve added information tidbits and tips (or what foursquare calls “Perfect little nuggets of knowledge”) for locations like the Waikani Falls, Pa’ia Town, Pearl Harbor, Waimea Canyon and many more.
But it gets better: For every Hawaii destination you’ll find in these lists, we’ve got tons more on our tours. Our guides are not only friendly, but they love to share the treasures of Hawaii with guests. We strive to make every tour in Hawaii enjoyable, interesting and fun! Join Discover Hawaii Tours for a fascinating trip on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, or the Big Island, and we’ll reveal all our local insight to you! We love to share our knowledge of Hawaii with the world, especially our visitors. See you in paradise!

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