Hawaii 7-Day Package

What’s better than a trip to Hawaii? Not worrying about what to do on vacation. That’s why I’ve compiled this convenient Hawaii 7-Day Package schedule for you. Feel free to follow the exact schedule, or mix it up with other activities and tours.

7-Day Package: Book Your Flight and Hotel

The first step in taking a Hawaii vacation is booking your flight and hotel. You can book your trip here or with our booking engine below.

Day 1: Arrival in Hawaii, Afternoon Activities

You’ve landed in Hawaii! After a long flight, take a break on the beach. Check into your hotel, grab your swimsuit and find a place on the sandy shores of Waikiki Beach. Waikiki provides the perfect introduction to any Hawaii vacation: the water is calm, the beach is bustling, the palms sway gently and (if you’re 21) the tropical drinks at a beachside bar are a delightful addition to this Pacific Ocean paradise. Restaurants abound in Waikiki, be sure to grab a bite to eat for dinner. Then, watch the sunset light up the sky with all sorts of incredible colors. Waikiki sunsets are truly incomparable!

Day 2: Pearl Harbor & Circle Island Tour

The easiest and most convenient way to see the best of Oahu is with a one-day tour. The Pearl Harbor/Circle Island Tour is a perfect mix of history and sightseeing for Day 2 of your vacation. A visit to Pearl Harbor is a must. On your tour, you’ll have a chance to explore the expansive Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, experience the solemn USS Arizona Memorial, and watch a moving short film about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Plus, you might even meet a Pearl Harbor survivor during your visit.
The second part of your tour is a Circle Island adventure, which takes you to famous island locations like Dole Pineapple Plantation, North Shore beaches, Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, Hanauma Bay and more. This is the best way to familiarize yourself with the island and see all the popular sites. Remember which sites you love most because you’ll have a chance to return on Day 4! Book your Pearl Harbor/Circle Island tour.

Day 3: Interisland Adventure

There’s only one way to truly experience what Hawaii is all about: island hopping. While you’ve already seen the best destinations on Oahu, there are other Hawaiian Islands ripe for adventure. Here’s what I recommend for island hopping: Visit Maui for a truly authentic Hawaiian adventure on a Road To Hana Tour, which takes you to rural Hana town on Maui’s eastern tip—plus tons of other great locations on the island of Maui. This scenic coastal drive is one of Hawaii’s most stunning adventures, with gorgeous sea cliffs, rainforests, and waterfalls around every turn.
Hop over to the Big Island for a fascinating experience of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here, molten lava forms new land before your eyes, it is one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent feats. The landscape on the Big Island is very different than Oahu, when you experience the Big Island on an interisland tour you get to see more about what Hawaii truly is.

Book an interisland tour today:

Day 4: Return to Your Favorite Places

Remember the places you loved most on you Oahu during your circle island tour? Today is a great day to return to your favorite locations. For example, on tour you’ll spend about 15 minutes on the beautiful white sands of Waimanalo Beach. Today, if you rent a car you can spend the entire day at Waimanalo—bring a picnic lunch and enjoy this gorgeous location!

Places people to return to:

Day 5: Polynesian Cultural Center

The exciting activities and entertainment at Polynesian Cultural Center will amaze any visitor! Every vacation to Hawaii deserves a visit to PCC for it’s fun, family-friendly games, shows, and more. At the Polynesian Cultural Center, explore 7 unique cultures from the Pacific, including Tonga, Tahiti, and Fiji! You’ll even have a chance to meet citizens of these island nations and learn more about their culture and traditions. The Ambassador Ali’i Luau Tour is the perfect all-day package, featuring roundtrip Waikiki transportation, lei greeting, small-group guided tour, a variety of live shows and activities, plus an award-winning night show.
Book your Polynesian Cultural Center tour.

Day 6: A Day of Ocean Activities

Day 6 is all about spending time in the water! There are dozens of ocean activities to enjoy in Hawaii. Check out this list of fun things to do for the day, like swimming with dolphins or snorkeling:
Some of these activities are all-day adventures, while others give you time to enjoy the rest of the day. Consider booking a daytime snorkeling tour and then a sunset cruise to maximize your ocean experience.

Day 7: Departure, Until We Meet Again

Morning arrives on Day 7 and your vacation has been a blast! Snorkeling, sightseeing, island hopping and more—you’ve had a lot of fun in Hawaii. Here are a few tips on getting to the airport from Waikiki for your departure flight:
  • City bus: Take bus 19 or 20 to the airport; about $2.50 per person
  • Taxi: Hail one or call (808) 422-2222; about $30 plus tip from Waikiki Airport
  • Shuttle: There are numerous options in Waikiki. Check with your concierge or search online; about $10-20 per person
And, as we say in Hawaii to our departing friends and family: Aloha oe! Until we meet again!

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