5 Tips for Couch Potatoes Visiting Oahu

Hawaii is a beautiful and active place. If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii you may be easily discouraged by the various activities. While surfing, biking, snorkeling and sunset yoga are all a part of the Hawaiian islands and their active culture, you don’t have to be an adventure seeker to enjoy Hawaii. When visiting Oahu, there are as many activities for family members who aren’t into golf or cliff diving as there are for the ones who are.

Here are some ideas for what to do on Oahu if you’re the former:

  1. The Grand Circle island tour in Oahu is very famous. This tour will take you on a bus to see all the major sights of the island. From Diamond Head to the Chinaman’s Hat to the best beaches and everything in between. You can see the sights from the comfort of a tour bus with large windows and plenty of stops for picture taking. The best part? No biking down a dirt path and no hiking for miles to summit anything. You’ll get a comprehensive tour of some of Oahu’s best sights without having to leave your seat.
  2. Another great activity for those looking for leisure when visiting Oahu is the Waikele Premium Outlets. These outlets will let you shop in style at your favorite high-end retailers: Coach, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and more! You’ll also find some delicious detours like Leonard’s Bakery if you need some more energy after a long day of shopping.
  3. While most people would choose a swanky resort based on the golf course, there’s another key to all these beautiful beachfront hotels in Oahu—the spa. Treat yourself to a spa day island-style! You can find a spa in just about every hotel and you’ll get top-notch service. This is especially a good idea if you happened to get out on a hike or adventure tour that left you a little bit sore around the edges!
  4. Next, check out a house tour like Doris Duke’s Shangri La. This house is Doris Duke’s homage to Islamic cultures and features a beautiful collection of Islamic art and architecture. You can take a leisurely home tour of the house and beautiful grounds.
  5. Finally, check out Lanikai Beach when visiting Oahu. This ½ mile beach won’t cause you to walk too much but has been rated one of the best beaches in the world. One of the nicest things about Hawaii is that you can sit on the beach with coffee, a picnic or a good book and just watch the day tick by as the sun shines and waves crash in.
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