5 Must See Pearl Harbor Related Locations

On the fateful morning of December 7, 1941 the Imperial Japanese Navy made a surprise assault on the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It forever lives on in the minds of Americans as the driving force that led to the United States’ involvement in World War II. Today, millions of tourists visit Pearl Harbor year round to pay their respects to the fallen heroes who gave their lives valiantly in the name of freedom. If you are planning on taking an Oahu day tour, there are a few specific Pearl Harbor related locations that you simply cannot pass up. Pearl Harbor Related Locations

USS Bowfin Submarine - Known appropriately as the Pearl Harbor avenger, this submarine played a pivotal role in Japan’s eventual defeat in World War II. It is said that the USS Bowfin sank 44 enemy ships during the course of its 9 war patrols. Today the USS Bowfin has been decommissioned and is docked at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Guided tours are available for anyone interested in exploring the inside of this heroic vessel. This is one of the most popular Pearl Harbor related locations.

USS Missouri Battleship - Sometimes also referred to as “Mighty Mo”, this legendary warship was instrumental in the sieging of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. It was also reinstated for the Korean War, as well as for Operation Desert Storm. Today it is docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and is available for guided tours.

USS Oklahoma Memorial - This memorial is dedicated to the 429 soldiers who lost their lives during the assault on Pearl Harbor. The USS Oklahoma was sunk and salvaged for scrap. The U.S. government opted not to repair it for active duty. Today the memorial is open to any visitors who wish to pay their respects.

USS Arizona Memorial - This memorial is the most visited location in all of Oahu. Over a million tourists every year make the pilgrimage here to salute the fallen, including every President since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Guided tours are made over the sunken hull of the battleship, and generally last around 30 minutes.

Pacific Aviation Museum - Located within the historical hangers on Ford Island sits this impressionable museum. Within its halls tourists will find authentic World War II aircraft, and will be guided deep through exhibits of aviation history.

There are many different Pearl Harbor related locations you can see by taking our tours of Oahu, and so many things to be seen. To find out more, please call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743.

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