5 Must-Do’s For Any Vacation In Hawaii!

They say “It’s the little things that matter” and this could be no more true than with traveling. It’s a easy to book your hotel and activities well in advance and have a vacation plan, but it’s a little harder to think of the little things to do while your not hiking to a secluded waterfall or swimming with dolphins. Here’s 5 great and easy ideas for little things to do for anyone’s vacation in Hawaii.

Must-do’s for a vacation in Hawaii:

Here’s our list of 5 easy things to do while on vacation in Hawaii. Give yourself bonus points for doing all 5!

1. Take a picture with your feet in the sand

Take a picture with your feet in the sand. While it may sound silly, it makes a great addition to your vacation photo collection, would make a special Facebook “timeline cover”, and will always help you to remember the feeling of sand between your toes. The best part is you can do this at any beach and have your loved one’s feet in the picture too!

2. Try iced cold coconut

One of the most popular things to do while on vacation in Hawaii is to try iced cold coconut. Picked fresh and chopped open before your very eyes make trying coconut more of an experience than a refreshing treat, even though it is incredibly refreshing on a hot Hawaiian day.

 3. Take your picture with “The Duke Statue”

Have you ever heard of Duke Kahanamoku? Well if you haven’t you should learn a little about this amazing human being. Credited with introducing the world to the Hawaiian sport of surfing, Duke is memorialized in Waikiki Beach with a statue standing tall and with open arms.
Be sure to get your picture with Duke! You may have to wait a minute for your turn because nearly everyone takes a photo with him!

4. Get a handmade coconut hat

One of the easiest ways to feel like you’re in Hawaii (aside from being here) is to dress like it! Put a tropical touch to your “vacationwear” by adding a handmade hat made from the fronds of a coconut tree. Often made by artisans found on Kalakaua Avenue or at grassroots souvenir stands near Haleiwa Town, you won’t find these in an ABC store!
Best part is they actually last for years and make a great souvenir!

5. Catch some local music

Hawaii is one of the most extraordinary places in the country. Home to a unique culture, language, and music, there are things here you just can’t get anywhere else. Head down to your hotel’s pool or courtyard for some local music (which is usually free) in the evenings for a little “Pau Hana”.
The most nostalgic place to go for this would have to be the Moana Surfrider Hotel which has been hosting guests for over 100 years! Doing these things will surely enrich your vacation and give you great stories about your adventures doing them! Want a fun way to look at ideas for what to do on vacation in Hawaii? Our “Checklist for Hawaii” board on Pinterest is a fun way to get inspired! Alooooooha!

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