4 Million at Mighty Mo

On June 4, 2010, the USS Missouri Battleship celebrated another achievement in its long and illustrious history. Though this did not take place in battle and there was nothing fired from the deck, it is still quite an accomplishment. As Rachel Chmiel boarded the great battleship, she was met with gifts and celebration as the 4-millionth guest to visit the deck of the retired war vessel. With ties to Oahu and the daughter of a Navy man, she certainly understood the magnitude of the battleship and all of the glory that she carries. Various attractions from Pearl Harbor and around Oahu provided gifts to help Rachel celebrate her achievement that she will forever share with the Mighty Mo.
On the heels of a major preservation effort, the proud Missouri is still going strong and attracting an average of about 1400 visitors each day. The memorial recently announced that, in order to keep up with the demands of visitors, they will be extending its hours by 90 minutes each day. New opening time will be 7:30am and closing at 5:00pm, with the operating hours remaining in effect until Labor Day at the least. With the busy summer season, we have seen a great increase in visitors to the islands and Pearl Harbor remains as a top attraction. Book your tour today for your chance to see the USS Missouri, the USS Arizona Memorial, or any other attractions that Pearl Harbor or Oahu has to offer. See you on tour!

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