4 Best Oahu Tour Destinations

Aloha! As you take your first step onto the island of Oahu, you’ll instantly be surrounded by all that makes up Hawaii. The Aloha spirit will be evident in those who greet you, as the people who call Oahu home are some of the friendliness folks in the world. Warm tropical breezes are what make the Hawaiian Islands an ideal vacation destination, and its beaches are full year round. And nothing can compare to the beautiful scenery that make up the Oahu. Cascading waterfalls, powerful volcanos and gorgeous beaches create some of the most photographed locations on earth. While the island is relatively small, you’ll find there’s a lot of goodness crammed into the landmass, and you won’t want to miss a square inch. Discover Hawaii Tours will bring you to all the greatest sights of the best Oahu tour destinations. Here are a few of the highlights:

Hoping to see a few Sea Turtles, or maybe even the elusive Monk Seal? You’ll want to take a trip to Oahu’s North Shore or Lanaiakea Beach. As you settle on the beach you’ll see a number of Sea Turtles lumber through the sand. Don’t forget your camera as you’ll definitely want a few of these memories of your trip to different Oahu tour destinations captured on film. 


For those who would rather visit the beach to swim than watch Sea Turtles, a number of beautiful beaches can be found around the island. A few favorites are: Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. While both beaches are perfect for water activities, Waimea Bay boasts of excellent rocks that are perfect for daring visitors to take a jump into the warm waters below them.

 Always wanted to swim in a waterfall? You’ll love visiting the Waimea Falls. This breathtaking falls can be found after taking a short hike through the brush. However, no matter how hot the day can be, taking a refreshing dip in the falls makes the walk to find it well worth the effort.

No trip to Oahu is complete without visiting the USS Arizona Memorial. This memorial rests atop the sunken ship, which can still be viewed from above. It commemorates 1,177 US sailors and Marines who were killed during the December 7th attack. Each visit to the memorial begins with a brief introduction at one of its two theaters after which guests take a boat ride to the memorial. This is a must-see location for all who visit Hawaii.

You’ll enjoy all these stunning sights when you book your trip for amazing Oahu tour destinations. For more information, call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743.

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