30 Things to Do in Hawaii

There are so many things to do in Hawaii, it’s hard to know where to begin. This simple checklist for Hawaii combines specific things you should try (see #30) and general ideas of what to do in Hawaii (see #5). Experience local favorites, popular tourist destinations, and “that island feeling” as you check off your list. Our Checklist for Hawaii is the easiest way to make sense of all those travel books. Make the most of your vacation, and have fun doing it, too!

30 Things to Do in Hawaii

30. Jump off The Rock at Waimea Bay 29. Drive through the Tunnel of Trees on Kauai (Stop in the center of the road for a spectacular picture like this one—just make sure there’s no traffic!) 28. Grab some rainbow-colored shave ice. (With ice cream is even better!) 27. Write something in the sand at the beach, like “aloha”!
26. Experience the power of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 25. Take a scenic island drive (it’s ok to get lost along the way). 24. Swim as the sun sets in Hawaii. 23. Look up when you visit the Aloha Tower Marketplace in Honolulu. 22. Hike a bamboo forest on Maui. 21. Walk around Magic Island near Waikiki. Some of the best views of Honolulu are from Magic Island.
20. Visit the King Kamehameha Statue in Downtown Honolulu. 19. Swim with turtles underwater! (Bonus points for baby turtles). 18. Check out the best view of Honolulu from Tantalus Drive. 17. Watch the Big Island volcano glow at night. 16. Photograph the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”—Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai.
15. Try a new angle on water sports: windsurfing. 14. Climb a palm tree. (Or watch a professional do this instead—highly recommended!) 13. Watch the sun rise at Haleakala, Maui. 12. Go scuba diving. 11. Go whale watching! (November through May). 10. Watch fireworks for free, every Friday night, 7:45 pm, on Waikiki Beach.
9. Sleep on the beach. 8. Find a green sea turtle on the beach! 7. Swim under a waterfall. 6. See a Polynesian Fire Dance Show. 5. Give Aloha.
4. Catch a wave. (See #1) 3. Watch a sunset. 2. See a rainbow. 1. Learn to surf.

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