3 Experiences You Can Only Have on Kauai Hawaii

When you visit Hawaii, you’re presented with myriad choices. Do you want to stick to Oahu and do Pearl Harbor and Waikiki? Or do you want to venture to the other islands and take in all that Hawaiia’s landscape and culture has to offer? While Oahu is certainly the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands, there is so much else to see. So, if you choose to stay on another island like Kauai, you can still see it all by taking advantage of day trips from Kauai to Oahu. Why stay on Kauai? Well, below are three things you can’t see anywhere else.


  1. Waimea Canyon is knicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It’s ten miles long and nearly 3,000 feet deep in some areas. Some say that this canyon is more spectacular than the Grand Canyon for it’s color. The word Waimea means “reddish water” in Hawaiian and the erosion of the red soil that dug out the canyon is in part what makes this such a spectacular sight. Not only was this canyon created by the Waimea River and slow erosion, but also by the collapse of the volcano that created the island of Kauai. The island’s last lava flows were about 5 million years ago, making Kauai the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. Waimea Canyon State Park contains hiking trails and can be accessed from state road 550. Follow the road to go up to Koke’e State Park.
  2. Part of Kauai’s intrigue and beauty is the untouched rainforests and nature this island holds. Much of the nature is pristine due to the fact that most of the island is inaccessible. The Na Pali Coast takes up 6,175 acres of land and is flanked by cliffs raising 4,000 feet in the air. The state park was formed to protect the Kalalau Valley and can only be seen by hiking trail or helicopter (inaccessible by vehicles). Or for the more adventurous, you can kayak or paddleboard through the valley. The Na Pali coast is breathtaking and a piece of Hawaii that can only be seen on Kauai. You won’t get this type of untouched nature nearly anywhere else in the world! 
  3. Beaches are a common feature of all Hawaiian islands but if you’re into snorkeling, Tunnels Beach is one of the best. Tunnels Beach got its name from the lava tubes that form underwater caverns. This makes the snorkeling amazing and a wonderful adventure for those willing to dive down into the tunnels. This beach is also popular for surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing. 
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