29th Annual 2011 Okinawan Festival in Waikiki

When you live in Waikiki, the weekend festivals never cease to end. Every Saturday and Sunday, no matter what time of year, you’ll discover Hawaiian style festivals celebrating almost everything, from hula to Asian cultures. The 29th Annual Okinawan Festival this weekend is no exception, and it’s just in time for the Labor Day Hawaii weekend! The Okinawan Festival showcases music, dance, food, and entertainment for an exciting family weekend in Waikiki.

The Details

When: September 3 – 4, 2011 (Saturday and Sunday) Time: 9am – 5pm (Okinawan bon dance from 5:30pm – 9:30pm on Saturday!) Where: Kapiolani Park, Waikiki Transportation: Shuttle from Kapiolani Community College to the festival. Website: www.okinawanfestival.com

The 2011 Okinawan Festival debuted in 1982 at Ala Moana Park. Attendance grew over the years and the veune, after moving to nearby Honolulu locations, finally ended up at Kapiolani Park in 1990. It’s been held at this Waikiki park ever since!

Festival Highlights & Schedule


  • Shimauta singers
  • Leinani Hula Group
  • Kyoko Toma Minyou & Yuino Buyo Group

Food (Traditional Okinawan and Hawaiian-style Okinawan cuisine)

  • Andagi — Deep-fried doughnut,  without the hole.
  • Andadog — Okinawan corndog (andagi batter and a hot dog on a stick).
  • Fundagi — Funnel cake with powdered sugar. (Sold only during the bon dance.)
  • Pig feet soup — Seasoned with seaweed, turnip, squash and mustard cabbage. (Trust us, it’s delicious!)
  • Champuru Plate — Shoyu (soy sauce) pork, stir‐fried vegetables, Spam and deep‐fried tofu.
  • Okidog — A local favorite: Hot dog and chili, wrapped in tortilla with shredded pork and lettuce.
  • Taco Rice — An Okinawan spin-off from Tex-Mex tacos, served on a bed of rice.

The Hawaii United Okinawa Association

The HUOA continues the Okinawan ethnic identity cultural events like the Okinawan Festival, as well as cultural education. Learn more here.

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