2010 New Years Resolution

As we welcome 2010 it is a time of celebration and new beginnings. While most people make plans to lose that extra holiday weight or to stop bad habits, here at Discover Hawaii Tours we too are committed to resolutions for the upcoming year. As a growing company we are committed to providing excellent customer service that surpasses the industry’s standards. Enjoy our list of our Top 5 New Year’s Resolution for 2010.1. Go Green! – Reducing the amount of resources used is our top priority. Our office staff is committed to reducing the amount of paper used by sending our guests emails instead of printed vouchers. We are also committed to recycling everything including our used oil for the busses, plastics, and papers. 2. Provide Superior Customer Service – We are constantly finding new and fun ways to offer our guests the best experiences on their vacations. Our “Mystery Shopper” program allows our guests to receive $20 off their tour. Mystery Shoppers just have to fill out a quick online survey after their tour to receive the discount. This is just one of the many ways Discover Hawaii Tours is committed to providing excellent customer service. 3. Expand to Eco and Cultural Tours – New for 2010 our Eco & Cultural Tours will share with you the “Real Hawaii.” Escape the crowds and explore the tranquility of the rainforest as our naturalist guides walk you through some of the most scenic terrain where a hidden waterfall awaits you. We also offer guided hikes to the top of an extinct volcanic crater, Diamond Head, where you can tower 765ft above the white sandy beaches of Waikiki. 4. Ongoing Tour Guide TrainingAll of our guides go through an extensive training program and are constantly being evaluated to ensure a professional tour every time. Greg, our newest tour guide supervisor, is committed to keeping his staff well trained and prepared for the upcoming year. We are committed to our tour guide training program and look forward to serving our guests needs. 5. Provide State-of-the-art Multimedia ExperienceOne of our newest and most anticipated departments of Discover Hawaii Tours is our Video/Media production team. Creating the most visually compelling and engaging videos are just some of the ways our Web Department interacts with our guests. Filming has already begun for our upcoming TV commercial and online testimonials. Who knows, while on tour you might get your big break and end up on camera!

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