18th Annual Hawaii Fireknife Championships

One of the most exciting and entertaining competitions is back! From May 12th through May 15th, the Polynesian Cultural Center will once again play host to the Annual World Fireknife Championships. This will mark the 18th year that PCC has hosted the 4-day event culminating in an intense 2 day showdown between 3 finalists, which will take place during the intermission of the “Ha: Breath of Life” show on Friday and Saturday.The tradition of Fireknife Dancing stems from Samoan Ailao- a warriors knife dance performed with the Nifo Oti (deadly tooth).Thedance was originally performed both before battles to frighten their enemies and afterwards to celebrate victory.In more contemporary times, after village, tribal and inter island combat faded into history, the nifo oti has become an important aspect in the Samoan ta’alolo, or gift-giving procession, that honors special visitors.

On your upcoming trip to Oahu, be sure to book with Discover Hawaii Tours and ask about our North Shore Twilight Luau Tour 14B, for your chance to witness this magnificent display of acrobatics, death-defying stunts, rhythmic dancing, and fire-lit knives. This is a must see event that you will surely not want to miss.

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