Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial


About Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial


The Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial is a facility that was constructed as a tribute to the servicemen from Hawaii who served in World War I. It was designed as a living memorial and as a symbol of the way of life they fought to defend. At its prime it was an enclosed ocean fed public swimming pool that is 100×40 meters. Due to funds being held up in political processes the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial has fallen into disrepair. The Natatorium is located just outside of the famous Waikiki Beach.


The Natatorium was first opened on August 24, 1927, and Duke Kahanamoku dove in for the first ceremonial swim on his birthday. During the height of the Natatoriums existence it was host to celebrity swimmers, and was used by the Department of Education for its mandatory elementary school Learn to Swim program.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Oahu
  • Amenities: None
  • Insider Tip: By visiting the neighboring beach you can get some very good views of the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial.
  • Fun Fact: Duke Kahanamoku celebrated his birthday by being the first to swim in the Natatorium when it opened on August 24, 1927.
  • What to Expect: Access to the Natatorium has been cut off because it has fallen into disrepair and is no longer safe for public access.