Shims Coffee


About Shims Coffee


On a rural country road in Upcountry Maui rests a humble home where Mr. Casey Shim runs a one-man farm during summer months. From February to July, Mr. Shim grows, harvests, preps his earthy, robust coffee beans for roasting and, of course, drinking! Shims Coffee Farm also features tropical plants like banana, protea, and strawberries. The back porch looks over the sloping Mt. Haleakala hills at 3,500 feet elevation.

Looking for a unique, down-to-earth experience with Mauis local farmers? Look no further, youve found it! And don’t forget to stop by other Kula Town destinations like Ulupalakua Ranch and Maui Winery (Tedeschi Winery).


The Shim Pure Kula Coffee brand came into existence in 2001 when Casey Shims grandchildren, with the help of their mother, designed the rainbow logo for every bag of Shim Coffee. A decade later, these purple metallic bags can be found in local grocery stores on Maui and neighbor islands.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Maui
  • Amenities: Roasted coffee, samples of coffee and fresh produce, guided tours, restrooms.
  • Insider Tip: You can eat the skins of ripe coffee berries right from the tree!
  • Fun Fact: Shims Coffee won first place for a regional Maui cupping contest.
  • What to Expect: A lesson on coffee growing from Mr. Shim himself and samples of delicious Maui grown coffee.