Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island

About Rabbit Island


Less than a mile off of South Shore Oahu sits the beautiful Manana Island State Seabird Sanctuary, a 63 acre volcanic tuff also known as Rabbit Island. There is a small beach about 30 feet wide on the southwest side of the island. It is over 360 feet at its highest point and can be seen from a variety of locations on South Shore Oahu, including Kaupo Beach, Waimanalo Beach Park and Makapu’u Lookout.


Rabbit Island was named after the rabbit colony that inhabited the island from the 1880s until 1994. John Adams Cummins, who owned a plantation in Waimanalo, raised the rabbits on Manana Island.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Oahu
  • Duration: 5-10 minutes at Waimanalo Beach Park or Makapuu Lookout, time permitting.
  • Insider Tip: The island is a protected seabird sanctuary, it is illegal to land on the island without authorized permission.
  • Fun Fact: Dont take the name for granted, Rabbit Island got its name from the rabbit colony that lived here from the 1880s until 1994!
  • What to Expect: Views of Oahu's southern shorelines and beautiful beaches