Makena Beach State Park


About Makena Beach State Park


On Mauis most southern point is Oneloa or Big Beach, located in Makena Beach State Park. This area is considerably less developed than its neighbors Wailea and Kihei, with breathtaking scenery and sprawling lava fields.

To get there, drive down the scenic Makena Road to find one of the biggest and most famous beaches Maui has to offer, with over 3,000 feet of beautiful white sand. The Puu Olai cinder cone creates the northern border of Oneloa, and just on the other side of it lays Little Beach. If you are willing to traverse the rock path and scale a wall of volcanic rock youll find yourself amidst the nude sunbathers on Little Beach.


Ancient Hawaiians living upcountry would migrate down to this area during the winter months when it was cooler; their small villages are still visible along the coast in this area.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Maui
  • Amenities: Port-o-Potties, picnic tables, and shady areas
  • Insider Tip: Be cautious when walking around, there are very big thorns from the trees in the area that have been known to pierce sandals. Keep your shoes on until your well past the trees.
  • Fun Fact: Little beach, a well-known nudist beach, is a short climb over the lava rock wall on the north end of Big beach.
  • What to Expect: Skim boarding, body boarding, and body surfing are all very popular here.