Kilauea Crater Overlook


About Kilauea Crater Overlook


Atop the Mount Kilauea Caldera at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the Kilauea Crater Overlook that stands 400 feet above the caldera floor. Out in the distance is Halemaumau Crater Overlook, featuring a pit of fire that evolves it shape due to underground lava activity. The Kilauea Caldera itself is about 2 miles long and 3 miles wide (but that could change with any new volcanic activity!). (Photo: S Carpenter/Flickr)


Since 1952 there have been over 34 eruptions, and eruptive activity occurred uninterrupted from 1983 to 2005. Kilauea is the home of Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Big Island
  • Duration: With the ever-changing nature of this volcanic landscape, we cannot define exactly how long we will stop here, or if this location is only a drive-by site. We make every effort to give you the best volcano tour!
  • Amenities: Picture opportunities, but no amenities if drive-by only.
  • Insider Tip: The road sign indicates this a picnic area, but its much more than that!
  • Fun Fact: A bubbling lake of lava is underground, as evidenced when theres activity at Halemaumau Crater.
  • What to Expect: An ever-changing volcanic landscape featuring Halemaumau Crater, Hawaiian plants, trees, flora, and Kilauea Caldera