International Marketplace


About International Marketplace


Located in the heart of Waikiki Beach, the International Marketplace is a central shopping center right in the heart of the busiest stretch of Oahu. Featuring many local vendors, your Hawaii gifts and souvenirs are available very near to many of Waikiki’s most popular hotels.
Hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm daily
Location: 2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu


Queen Emma originally owned the land where the Marketplace and the Waikiki Town Center now reside. The International Marketplace was founded in 1956, with the building of the Dagger Bar and Bazaar buildings. The Banyan Tree, which is the centerpiece of the marketplace, was once a tree house that owner Ernest Gantt lived in. Ernest Gantt might better be known as Don the Beachcomber.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Waikiki Beach, Oahu
  • Amenities: Food, drinks, restrooms, and souvenirs and gifts are widely available.
  • Insider Tip: The International Food Court features a wide variety of local and international cuisine, be sure to save room for a bite to eat. Plus, Hawaiian entertainment is live 5-nights a week.
  • Fun Fact: Don the Beachcomber founded the International Marketplace in 1959 and lived in a tree house in the Banyan Tree that is the centerpiece for the marketplace.
  • What to Expect: Local vendors with a ton of souvenirs, live performances, and a delicious trip around the world.
  • Pop Culture: The International Marketplace was a central location for a climatic ending to a season 2 episode of 'Hawaii 5-0.'