Hilton Hawaiian Village


About Hilton Hawaiian Village


The Hilton Hawaiian Village is the largest resort in Waikiki and pioneered the idea of a “village-style resort.” Today the hotel is one of the most grand and luxurious out of all Waikiki’s hotels.


The area of Waikiki Beach where the Hilton Hawaiian Village stands today originally started off as the Kalia Estate Village, which was home to famed Hawaiian olympian Duke Kahanamoku. The estate began beachfront development aournd 1900 and a small hotel, the Old Waikiki, opened shortly after. The Old Waikiki was redeveloped into the Niumalu Hotel which opened in 1928.

In the early 1950′s Henry J. Kaiser bought the 16-acre property and began to pioneer and develop the idea of a “village resort” with the “Hawaiian Village Hotel” which opened in 1955. The hotel was Kaiser’s pride and joy until his passing in 1967, and the property was bought up by Hilton Hotels.

The property today is now over 22 acres, boasts over 3000 rooms, and has 7 towers.

Tour Pick-Up Location:Taking a tour? If you’re staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, we’ll pick you up at the Tapa Tower bus pick-up area of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Oahu
  • Amenities: Over 20 restaurants and lounges, Waikiki's largest swimming pool, a private beachside lagoon, award-winning spa, oceanfront boardwalk, and a wide variety of shops.
  • Insider Tip: Be sure to explore the grounds of the Hilton Hawaiian Village, it is home to to a diversity of animals including penguins, flamingos, turtles, ducks, koi fish, macaws, and parakeets!
  • Fun Fact: The Hilton Hawaiian Village is the largest hotel in Hawaii, the Hilton chain, and the 18th largest hotel in the world with over 3,300 rooms.
  • What to Expect: A large village-style resort, lush tropical grounds, beautiful pools, complimentary cultural activities, beautiful botanical gardens, and an amazing Hawaiian experience.
  • Pop Culture: When the television game show "Wheel of Fortune" films in Hawaii, they film and stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.