Hanapepe Swinging Bridge


About Hanapepe Swinging Bridge


Take a heart-skipping stroll across the Hanapepe swinging bridge. OK, its not exactly the thrill of a lifetime like it was before Hurricane Iniki damaged the bridge. Reconstruction of this swaying suspension bridge made it a safer, historic experience of daily life in Kauai. Years before Iniki, whenever a heavy rain storm hit Hanapepe Town and Valley and the river damaged the bridge, school was cancelled until the bridge could be fixed. After all, the bridge was the only way for children to cross the river! (Photo: maveric2003 on Flickr).


Before Hurricane Iniki damaged large parts of Kauai and the Hawaiian Islands, the swinging bridge in Hanapepe had less support and swayed a whole lot more. Support cables and wooden planks were added when the suspension bridge was rebuilt after 1992. The bridge is still used by taro farmers and people who simply need to cross the river.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Kauai
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes to walk across the bridge.
  • Amenities: Photo opportunities.
  • Insider Tip: No admission required! Just have fun enjoying the river and Hanapepes local history.
  • Fun Fact: For Kauai locals, this bridge holds many dear memories for days past.
  • What to Expect: Local Hanapepe landmark enjoy by locals and tourists.