Ahalanui Park


About Ahalanui Park


Also known as Pu’ala’a County Park, the popular Ahalanui Park is features a volcanic spring-fed hot pool for swimming. At one end, the pool is fed by a hot spring. During high tide, about twice a day, cool ocean water feeds into the pool from the other end, which helps keep the hot spring clean.

The clean, clear water also has a slight green tint due to the sulfur content of the pool. Be sure to stay in the pool, because the ocean is dangerous (but you’re completely safe if you stay in the hot spring pool). The pool is walled in, and the water is calm. The bottom of the pool is made of sand, and mud.

It’s a perfect place for novice swimmers. Calm, shallow waters and the fact that there are lifeguards on duty make Ahalanui Park a great place to relax before visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Originally a hot spring, the pool at Ahalanui Park was built by the State of Hawaii to make use of the thermally heated waters that rise up into the pool. Handrailing and easy-to-use steps have been installed getting in and out of Ahalanui Park’s pool is easy for everyone. Other popular hot springs on the Big Island include Kapoho Beach Lots, Pohoiki, Isaac Hale Park, and Opihikao. The Kapoho Warm Springs was another favorite thermally heated pool for people to swim in. Unfortunately, during the 1960 Kapoho eruption the entire swimming area was covered by lava.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Big Island
  • Amenities: Lifeguards, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, barbeque grills, parking.
  • Insider Tip: Be sure to shower off after swimming in the pools due to the sulfur content of the water.
  • Fun Fact: The water in the pool is thermally heated by the volcano to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • What to Expect: Beautiful views of the ocean from the pool, and lots of free parking. Sitting in the warm waters relaxing is a great experience, and because the pool is fed by the ocean the water stays circulated. There are small fish swimming around in there too, so sno