Acid War Zone Trail


About Acid War Zone Trail


Located off of highway 30 near mile marker 38, you’ll find a gravel parking lot. Following the trails to the east for about 500 yards will bring you to the light beacon. Walk about 600 yards from the lighthouse along the gnarled, Mars-like coastal landscape and you will find the Nakalele Blowhole. A the blowhole, water can spew up to 100 feet when the waves are right. The trail is not very well laid out, and mainly made of volcanic rock that has suffered years of erosion from the extreme winds, and salt water (hence, the name).

You’ll find the Acid War Zone Trail on the north side of the West Maui Mountains, Haleakala Crater’s sister mountain on Maui.


The Acid War Zone Trail was named by hikers who described the view as looking like the site of an acid war.

Facts & Trivia

  • Island: Maui
  • Amenities: None
  • Insider Tip: The Nakalele blowhole spouts the highest on northern swell, but be cautious big waves can crash over the rocks.
  • Fun Fact: The trail got its name because it resembles an acid war zone; the volcanic rock has been eroded by high winds and salt water.
  • What to Expect: beautiful scenery, a light beacon, blow holes including Nakalele, and tide pools. This area is exposed to the elements and is known for its strong winds.