Hawaiian cocktail show & Polynesian Revue

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    Largest Tiki Bar in Hawaii

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    Local Drinks

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    World Champion Fire Dancer

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    Award winning Performances

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    Award winning Performances

Tour Highlights

  • RT Transportation
  • One (1) Drink Ticket per person + Tiki Bar*
  • Award-Winning performances
  • Standard Seating
  • World-Class Hula dancing
  • Fire Breathing

About Your Tour

Come and immerse yourself in the enticing world of Hula Hula! Hawaiian premier Cocktail show & Polynesian revue. Exciting production , premium local drinks, and amazing views!


Maui Show

Maui — the Creation of the Hawaiian Islands

Take a glimpse into ancient Hawai’i as we depict for you the story of the island’s greatest hero, Maui. From the creation of the eight Hawaiian Islands to the discovery of fire, get ready to learn about the mythological origin of paradise.


Hollywood meets Hawaii

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, Hawai’i was not only the perfect backdrop for classic films, but it was also a favorite destination for celebrities well before statehood.


Hapa Haole

After the establishment of U.S. Military bases, Hawai’i became the center of the Pacific. The blend of western civilization and traditional Hawaiian culture created what we now call ‘Hapa Haole’.


Polynesian Neighbors

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Samoa, Tahiti, and New Zealand as we bring to you the best Polynesian revue in the Pacific.

Fire Dancer

World-Champion Fire Dancer

Fire dancing is an ancient tradition in Polynesian culture that dates back before written history. Come and be inspired by our award winning World Fireknife Champions as they perform for you the ritual fire dance of the islands.



Beer: Kona Beer | Longboard | Corona 
Wine: Red (Shiraz or Merlot) | White (Chardonnay) | Champagne
Cocktails: Mai Tai | Blue Hawai’i


Blended Drinks: Lava Flow | Pina Colada
Hawaiian Mojito: Bacardi Silver & with coconut, mint, sugar, lime juice & soda water.
HI 5-0: Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour & lime juice.
Spirits: Whiskey | Rum | Vodka | Tequila

Exotic Drinks


Big Kahuna Coolada: Comes in a Full Pineapple! Silver Rum, Coconut Rum, Creme of Coconut & pineapple juice in a freshly cored Dole Pineapple.
Refills: $11 (free refills for VIP)

Crazy Coconut: Comes in a Full Coconut! Silver Rum, Coconut Water & Mint.
Refills: $10 (free refills for VIP)

Cool Kahuna: Comes in a souvenir Tiki Glass! Silver Rum, Blue Curacao, Creme of Coconut, splash of orange juice & pineapple juice.



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